Cabri, Saskatchewan was worth the trip!  Driving down an unpaved road a rock bounced off our trailer and smashed out the back window!  We arrived in time after a 17 hour drive from Vancouver to set up at the hall.  Wendy was an amazing host, the people there felt like family immediately, it was honestly like playing for a group of our friends.  A group of rockers that caught our show in August from Swift Current came out and rocked with Cabri and us as well.

One of my highlights of the whole experience was the “Midnight Lunch” that Wendy so graciously had for everybody!!!  We were so hungry, and after rocking out hard and then having to pack up all our gear late at night the buns and meat hit the spot.  We are so grateful for the awesome fans/friends in Saskatchewan.

This picture was taken during our concert by our very talented sound and media specialist Steven VanderHoek as a memory for the band.